From Malta, MT to Missoula, MT!

Hello everyone! I’ve finally got the facilities to upload a few more photos, with some overlap from the last post. Check the maps if it doesn’t make sense.

We are finally in Missoula, Montana! It’s been a long slog, but we’re finally past the Great Plains and into the massive grandeur of the Rocky Mountains. Thanks to everyone who’s sent us packages and given us places to stay – we couldn’t have gotten this far without you!

At this point, we’ve reached a junction in our journey. Our route to Olympia from here is uncertain, but we’ll be taking the Lolo Pass to Kooskia, Idaho, and hopefully figuring it out from there. Enjoy the photos – might be a while until the next post!

The roads went on and on through North Dakota…DSC_0164DSC_0174DSC_0190DSC_0193

We didn’t quite enjoy our welcome into Montana – 8 miles of construction!DSC_0217DSC_0219DSC_0221

Our good friends, the Four Bears, invited us into their house to let us use their washing machine and eat lunch in Poplar, Montana. Tielure serenades in gratitude.DSC_0225

The daily stretch routine!DSC_0240

We made some new friends, Pat and Jay, in Wolf Point. You can follow their trip at A Touring Spokesman(see right). Here he prepare for an oncoming Montana storm.DSC_0246DSC_0259DSC_0260DSC_0267DSC_0269

Tielure dutifully fixing a second, third, and fourth flat tire.DSC_0250

The Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs. A tragic establishment, where the cashier glowered at you and clutched an airsoft gun while the owner sat large and froglike, selling two year old cereal to unwitting travelers. Terrible, terrible, terrible!DSC_0275

The bibs!DSC_0280

The hot tub at Sleeping Buffalo.DSC_0306DSC_0309

Due to some minor design issues, one of Tielure’s panniers no longer hooks onto his bike. Do we fret and worry? No! Problem solved with a bit of rope and some zip ties. (The moral: Avoid Banjo Brothers bike gear at all costs!)DSC_0311

Henry and Cori, two tandem riders we met in Malta, MT. You can follow their trip at Tandem Tales (see right).DSC_0327

Parting with our friends in Havre, MT. Good luck, guys!


The start of the Rockies!DSC_0329

An abandoned grain silo. Note the McMansions in the background.DSC_0335DSC_0353

On the banks of the Missouri!DSC_0356

Christer after a bad fall. DSC_0358

Our digs in Great Falls, MT. We stayed overnight in a Pastor’s extra trailer thanks to some networking men down at the homeless shelter.DSC_0361


Our ride to Roger’s Pass!DSC_0377DSC_0393DSC_0394

Unfortunately, Christer got a bad flat and couldn’t make it through the pass with us. He missed a good ride – the Rocky Mountains at 5610 feet are pretty beautiful!DSC_0396DSC_0397

Our digs at the DNR office in Lincoln, MT.DSC_0399DSC_0401DSC_0403DSC_0411DSC_0412

Discussing the finer points of a biker’s diet on the most beautiful ride of the trip!DSC_0423

At the Adventure Cycling Association headquarters in Missoula, MT. These folks are great – free ice cream and a tour of the offices! They’re responsible for making the infamous ACA maps – some of the most helpful bicycling maps available! DSC_0425

Waking up outside of Missoula at a newfound friends house!DSC_0427

Genevieve was our host, and accommodated us with a campfire and cold beer.DSC_0428DSC_0430

Our friend John demonstrating the complex art of Llama luring.DSC_0433DSC_0440

Tielure giving us a modern dance lesson.DSC_0449


3 thoughts on “From Malta, MT to Missoula, MT!

  1. Great pictures. Love to see them. Looks like you are all having a great time. Please send me where your next stop is going to be so I can send you a package!!!! BE SAFE!!!! Enjoy the beauty.

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