The Rig

This is the bike all loaded up, more or less! Maybe one extra backpack on top of the whole shebang.
The Rig


2 thoughts on “The Rig

  1. Whoa! Who’s that making a doodie in the woodsies?! I love the sexy bike shorts too. Your legs are going to be fucking huge by the time you get to Oregon. Love the pics you’ve been taking – they’re really great. You dudes really are something else. How’s the rack holding up now? We saw you had some trouble there – very unfortunate. Oh yeah – stay away from all of humanity on your trip. Okay? Okay.
    S & J
    P.S. John says to stay clear of pig farmers.

  2. Keep on enjoying the open air adventure Nik & Co.!
    I am very inspired to hear of your trip and hope it continues to fill you all with a sense of purpose and meaning.
    There is something about getting on one’s bike and seeing where the wind takes you, all with your own power.
    The independence, the sense of freedom, the lack of resources used, the unknown.
    Take it all in and keep letting us know what it means! Peace, Brett

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