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Yannis and one of his dogs, Skopelos Town, Greece. More 35mm. Yannis is a master miniature boat builder.


Back in Minnesota this summer, my brother in law, John Douglas, gave me his father’s old Konica 35mm camera. I brought it with me to Greece, even though I knew that the advance mechanism wasn’t working quite right. So I expected some funky pictures, but I didn’t know they would be quite as beautiful as they turned out to be! When the rolls came back from the lab, I got lots of double-exposed images, like this sequence from a beach in Crete.




“I Love Satan”, Aberdeen, WA, May 2016.

any tree

“ANY-TREE $27.71” Rockford, IL, June 14th, 2016.

New Orleans, Louisiana. The Confederate General Robert E. Lee overlooks Lee Circle the morning after Mardi Gras. His statue is one of the 4 monuments to the Confederacy that mayor Mitch Landrieu has demanded be removed in the aftermath of the shooting at the AME Baptist Church in Charleston, SC, where Dylann Roof murdered 9 parishioners on June 17th, 2015. The original contractor hired to remove Robert E. Lee’s statue backed out of the job after receiving death threats and having his car firebombed. The city has not yet been able to find a new company that is willing to take Robert E. Lee down.




I found these images at The Raven, a much loved antique store on 13th street in Portland. The owner, Paul Vanderpool, passed away early this year, and I found this collection of negatives packed in an envelope in the Raven’s basement. Perhaps they’re from the Pacific Northwest, but who can say?


This is the house of Big Stell, where my girlfriend’s mother, who everyone called little Stell, would play every Sunday when she was a child in Marion Junction, Alabama. In early January, Stell took Anna and I out to Selma and to the nearby railroad junction that her childhood community is built around. Nobody called her little Stell anymore, but something about the stories of her matriarchal namesake charmed me so much that I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of her now empty house.
Seven Buzzards, Browns, Alabama.
Forgive, New Orleans, Mardi Gras 2016.
On 8th street in San Francisco, February, 2016.
Hamilton Corner, March, 2016. The guy who originally wrote these messages is long dead, but his sign lives on somehow. Near Chehalis, WA.
The Logger’s Memorial at the Camp 18 Restaurant, in Elsie, OR.
Near Yreka, CA, which is the proposed capital of the proposed state of Jefferson. This neg got a little scratched somehow, but I still like it!
Off of Hwy 26, Oregon. And they take EBT.
Carms flowers IG
Flowers from Carm’s 101st birthday, Conyers, GA. Carm is my girlfriend’s grandmother and the much-loved matriarch of her family, as well as the namesake of “Carmilla Marbaugh Day”, which is an actual holiday in Conyers. January 2016.
Gas Lamp
The Eternal Flame of the Confederacy, Underground Atlanta. According to local lore, this lamppost was struck by a shell fragment during a bombardment from federal troops during the Battle of Atlanta. It was then kept as a memento in the Atlanta city hall, until it was re-lit during the 1939 premiere of “Gone With the Wind”, where black actors from the film were barred from attending. It continues to burn in Underground Atlanta, a typically Atlantan ‘shopping and entertainment district’. January 2016.
Ol Joe
Statue of “Old Joe”, an everyman confederate soldier in Gainesville, GA. Old Joe appears in lots of town squares across the south, often facing north to defend from the Federal invasion. February 2016.
Chimney on Lamar Avenue, Selma, Alabama. February 2016.
Yucca Elata Plant, near Gage, New Mexico. February 2016.
Tombstone sale, south of Thomasville, AL.
Stage near Cornuda, TX.
Fiesta Paint Job
At Fiesta Grocery in Houston, TX.
Ira Poole's Yard
Ira Poole’s yard in Austin, TX.
69980023 copy
Oakland, CA, 2013. Old 35mm scan.
A selection of my photos from New Orleans appeared in the fall 2016 issue of Scalawag, a new, beautiful print magazine “dedicated to celebrating and examining the American South.”
slave sale
Savannah, GA, November 2015.
Factory at Night
The former Knights of the Ku Klux Klan regalia plant and robe factory, now an “historic office condominium building” in Buckhead, GA. 2015.
Bradley's Chairs
Bradley’s Lock And Key, Savannah, GA. These orange stools were sat in by black students to desegregate Savannah’s Broughton St. lunch counters in 1961.
Florida Citrus Center, near Jaspar, Florida.

Gilbert Memorial

Mary Turner1
I found this plaque outside of Valdosta, which is just north of the Florida-Georgia border. It was erected by a group called The Mary Turner Project, which is a community group preserving the legacy of the 1918 lynching rampage in south Georgia. Sometimes these types of plaques reveal more of the immediate historical relevance of Jim Crow history than they intend to – you can look close at this marker and see the bullet holes for yourself. http://www.maryturner.org/


Golden Gate

Solarized 35mm slide film, shot in San Francisco, 2014.
Solarized 35mm slide film, shot in San Francisco, early 2014.




San Francisco Tech Boom, 2013.
Again, San Francisco’s latent gold rush/tech boom ideology lights up the street.


Near Arches National Park, 2012.
Near St. Cloud, MN, 2010.
‘Jesse Ventura For Governor’ sticker, near Albertville, MN, 2010.

Lake Movil, Bemidji, MN, 2010.






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